What a neighborhood, what a day. Moss Street is so much more than an alleyway – it’s home to our neighbors, small businesses, great organizations, and with the Moss Street Metamorphosis project happening soon, it will be a public space for the SOMA community. And what a party! Thank you Thank you to @sfparksalliance for all of your leadership and  @somapilipinas for being incredible community partners! 

Thanks also to @theboxsf for the space, @extreme.pizza and   @deliboardsf for keeping the volunteers and performers fed! 

Shout out to all of our talented performers – we were so lucky to have you!!

(Click on any image below to see a slideshow with more images.)

Bindlestiff / RETAS

First off, we would like to thank Bindlestiff Studio’s Restorative Theater Arts for Seniors (RETAS) who charmed us all with their music and dance numbers. Bindlestiff is the epicenter of Filipino American Arts, the only black box theater of its kind in the country. The RETAS program is led by Aureen Almario and Lolita Kintanar. 

Instagram: @bindlestiff_sf 

Facebook: @BindlestiffStudio

Aloha Uke Squad 

Aloha Uke Squad is a ukulele ensemble bringing joy through musical aloha spirit! They play popular music that everyone loves. They perform community service and benefits, markets, festivals, and educational jams throughout the Bay Area! We thank them for bringing the Aloha spirit to SOMA West! 

Instagram and Facebook: @alohaukesquad

Lakbai Diwa 

Lakbai Diwa is a multi-disciplinary project that explores ancestral oceanic culture of survival, resilience, and prosperity with over 35 participating KulArts diasporic and Philippine artists and cultural practitioners. Project activities bridge indigeneity with contemporary artistic experiences that represent the resilience and transformative values of the diasporic Pilipinx people. 

Instagram: @Kulartspresents

Galing Bata 

Stemming from the Filipino Education Center (FEC) Galing Bata is an after school program of the Bessie Carmichael/Filipino Education Center School. For the last 15 years Galing Bata has continued to promote literacy development in English and Filipino, multicultural education, and a strong school, family, and community collaboration. The program is provided at both Bessie Carmichael Elementary Campus on 7th Street and at the Bessie Carmichael Middle School FEC campus on Harrison Street. These schools are the only SF public schools located in the South of Market. 

Instagram + twitter: @galingbata  

Facebook: @fecgalingbata  

Donation page: https://bit.ly/galingbatadonation 

Baycoin Beats 

To close the event out, we were thrilled to have Baycoin Beats! Baycoin Beats is a Neo-Soul, Funk, Jazz collective with specialties in R&B and other genres, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed by lead drummer and Musical Director, Jae Jackson. Each artist in Baycoin Beats has a professional work ethic and is very experienced. Baycoin has done many shows, concerts, as well as corporate and private events. Baycoin Beats’ goal is to impact people through their different styles of music, and cutting edge performances. 

insta @baycoinbeats

Chalk Artists

Here is a note from the artist about the chalk art you see on the street:

“The murals continue the spirit of Lakbai Diwa – A public project that explores ancestral oceanic culture of survival, resilience, and prosperity. Influenced by the history of SoMa, before development, SOMA was a wetland. That was the main theme of our work. The imagery is inspired by a filipino story about a crocodile that kept eating all the animals in the wetland. A Diwata (spirit/goddess) appeared to protect the community and when the crocodile tried to eat the Diwata, she responded by playing the filipino instrument Kulintang. Mesmerized by the music, the crocodile would fall asleep. When the crocodile would awake from a deep slumber from the music, she would realize she did not want to eat the Diwata or anger her because she loved the music and it made her truly happy. The crocodile became her friend and protected her from other evil spirits that would come to visit.”

Paolo Salazar @theslantedeyez + Mariela Montero @m4riela

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